You know what they say about people with big hands?

They need big mice.

In this era of making everything smaller, some things aren’t getting smaller.  Us.

For me it’s always been a challenge to find a mouse that fit well as most of mice out there are too small.  Years ago there was the Whale Mouse, but alas, that can only be found in dark alleys and surplus stores now and even it wasn’t perfect having lacked side buttons.

The rest of this story is a quick review of larger mice that can be found in active production, and what I found to be the winners in the group.

I started with the Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 because it was recommended by our ergo people, but found it really too small.  Especially noteworthy is the fact that the back is low at the rear, and it requires one to either levitate the palm or hold the wrist in a tipped back alignment.

The following mice were obtained in an effort to find a better solution:
  • Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX ($76)
  • Razer Deathadder IR Gaming Mouse ($42)
  • Kensington Pro Fit Full-Size Mouse USB/PS2 ($18)
All have been mentioned on web sites as possible options for large hands, and all can be found on Amazon.

First up was the Deathadder.  I had to appreciate the nicely styled cable jacket, but alas, it was not a good fit.  The back is too low, and that results in a wrist position of the hand pointed upward.  Back in the box it went.
The Logitech WPM MX is a much better fit being notably taller than the G400 and the Deathadder units.  The buttons have a good feel, but the left side buttons are set back too far and thus require some repositioning of the hand to reach them comfortably.
Lowest cost of the group is the Kensington Pro Fit, and it’s pretty comfortable.  I’m working with this for awhile before testing the Logitech which is the most expensive of the group.  Initially, I didn’t find much difference in the fit of these two mice, so one might consider price and cord/cordless to select between the two.
For now, this is the winner.
I invite others to add their opinions in the hopes of finding the ultimate mouse for the large-handed among us.
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