An Interview with Woz and Jobs — from 1979

UPDATE (Nov 19th): The IEEE newsletter can now be found here, and the article begins on page 21.  Many thanks to the authors and the interviewer, Robin Bradbeer.

In the most recent issue of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Newsletter (Fall 2011) you’ll find two articles from Practical Computing April & May 1979: one is an interview with Steve Wozniak and the other with Steve Jobs.  I believe this issue of the newsletter went to press before the announcement of Steve’s death.

The articles are quite interesting as they tell a story so common to the companies that MindTribe encounters.  For those of us who’ve been in or around the computing industry since the 1970’s, it’s especially interesting to see how certain technical decisions took form, and how they led to the predominant architectures we work with today.

Reach out to your IEEE member friends for a copy of the newsletter, or your local geek hoarder for a copy of the 1979 magazines.  I encourage all to read the two articles for a perspective on the men and the technology that affects us all to this day.

– Tim Prachar

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