Try *this* with your fancy new iPhone 4S camera!

Many have written about the new iPhone4S’s camera, and how it might displace quite a few point-and-shoot models.  Still, there are some things it can’t do, or you wouldn’t want to do with it.  This is one.

This throwable panoramic camera is an exciting example of how to take rather basic technology (cameras and accelerometers), and make something innovative.

Reading about this cool device (it’s on my Christmas list) tied into a conversation we had at lunch today as we contemplated the world inside a modern dishwasher.  (yes, we’re engineers)

What if you could put a camera like this inside a dishwasher?  What would that experience be like?  Now let’s extend that to some of the obvious places such as using this ball in a soccer match.  The ball’s eye view could be an interesting one, and maybe best viewed on your 3D television or in IMAX.

But let’s think more broadly.  What about using the camera for images from inside a building after an earthquake — just toss it inside.  Or paint it like a basketball to camoflage it for surveillance?  What if we could shrink it small enough to drop inside a pipe?  With an air blast behind it one could use it for pipeline inspection, perhaps.  What else can we imagine could be accomplished with a small, throwable panoramic camera?

Or maybe we could just play a game of catch.

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One thought on “Try *this* with your fancy new iPhone 4S camera!

  1. Andrea Jost says:

    Tim, if you manage to get this somewhere when it comes out, will you let me know? This would be a perfect gift for someone I know that loves to take panoramic pictures. :o) So awesome!

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