Careful what you photograph

I recently read with dismay about malicious Russian QR codes that cause your Android phone to send $6 txt msgs to the BGs.  All you need to do is scan the code, and off goes your $6, adjusted for currency exchange rates, of course.

Sigh.  I guess those great ways to quickly link to product information were maybe too good to be true in this era of mischief everywhere.  Still, it points out the old adage that you generally don’t get someone for nothing.  With the QR code you are quickly transported to your destination, but you don’t necessarily get to see the destination of the link before your phone goes skipping off to load it. Normal desktop (or laptop) browsing let’s us see a site address that’s questionable, such as one to an unfamiliar country or a fixed IP address, but not in this case.

Careful what you click.  Or snap.

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